Friday, October 28, 2011


I know this isn't something that should annoy me.  Or, at least, I shouldn't really let it get to me one way or another.  But I've seen several examples of this lately and I'm just going to vent about it for a few minutes. 

Why do so many people feel the need to push their choices on other people?  Last night, one of my Facebook friends posted a status about Pinterest.  I love Pinterest so I "liked" her status.  Then I saw the comments.  The first one was from someone who mentioned something about also loving Pinterest.  But the next few were basically telling my friend that they had chosen not to use Pinterest because either they had tried it and found it to be "addictive" or they had "heard that it was addictive" so they had chosen to not even try it.  Then, the first person, the one who had initially posted they love it, chimed in with how she hardly ever goes to the site out of fear of getting addicted.  What?  It's a website full of creative words and ideas.  It's not meth. 

So I chimed in that I love it because I find it to save time, since I can use it as a one-stop resource for creative ideas and recipes rather than having to look at multiple sites and blogs for ideas.  Several other people posted that they agreed with me.  Then I jokingly told one girl (and who also happens to be my sister) who had commented she doesn't use Pinterest that I was going to peer pressure her into using it.  I even wrote "PEER PRESSURE!!" in a silly comment and followed it with a fun, winking smiley face like this one ;D.

And... wouldn't you know, that someone had to comment directly to my sister that she really should avoid it.  And this person also took the time to mention that she had deleted her Facebook app from her phone because it "consumed" too much of her and her thoughts.  Who are these people??  I have personally found things like Facebook, email, texting, blogging, and yes, Pinterest to be very convenient for me.  I've connected with some great people I wouldn't have met otherwise, and yet it allows me to form these connections on my time.  I can utilize these resources on my lunch break or when I just want a moment of me time or after the boys are in bed.  I have never been unable to turn away from them or ever felt "addicted" or "consumed."  Sure, I might jokingly say that I'm addicted to Pinterest, but to me that is just another way to say I really enjoy it.  The same with saying I'm addicted to coffee.  I do really love coffee, but the truth is I rarely have more than two cups a day.  It's an expression, people.

Really, I'm fine with other people not using Pinterest or Facebook or phones or laptops or any other kind of technology if it isn't good or convenient for them.  That isn't my issue here.  They can be Amish if they want.  Whatever they feel is best for them and their family, as long as it isn't harming others, that is their right and I will support it.  For them.  What I don't get is this constant need to push these decisions on other people and treat people who choose differently as though they are participating in some kind of illicit activity.  Would it be bad if we spent all our time on our phones or laptops and neglected our loved ones?  Sure.  But can most people control themselves and only spend time on these things when time allows and it is appropriate?  Certainly.  So what is the big freaking deal?

The same goes with so many other things.  Music, television shows, movies, tattoos, not having kids vs. being a working mom vs. being a full-time mom, etc., etc.  I'm fine with people making their own decisions about these things, but when they start sharing their choices in a way that makes it sound like what they've chosen is the only good or acceptable way, that just gets under my skin.  Don't we all have enough to focus on in our own lives without constantly criticizing other people and trying to get them to conform to our choices?  Are you listening to me you people who don't like me or how I live my life?  You do what you need to do and let me do what I do and we can all just get along. 

Okay.  So maybe we won't all be BFFs, but at least you won't be annoying me and that is what I really care about.  :D

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  1. I love this post. You nailed it on the head with "Whatever they feel is best for them and their family, as long as it isn't harming others, that is their right and I will support it. For them." Exactly. For them. People forget it is what is right for them and their family it might not necessarily apply to someone elses. I have a lot of thoughts on this and am planning on doing a post about this during Jess and I's "christian cliche" series. Great thoughts.