Saturday, February 6, 2010

Maybe We Can Make Up

I still feel barely human from the illness/sleeplessness, but I thought I'd give a quick technology update. I know I was pretty bitter about the new phone and the new satellite. To anyone who thought I shouldn't complain about such things and should just be glad I have a phone and a television, you're right. But I don't care. Things are the way they are and as my friend Irena pointed out to me, blogs are for complaining.

I am finally starting to adjust to the new satellite provider. There are still things about the options and the menus that seem completely ridiculous, but I'm learning some work-arounds and can at least figure out how to play Dinosaur Train or Team Umi Zoomi for the boys to watch from the DVR. I'm adjusting. Maybe I'm not as bad of a fuddy-duddy as I thought.

As for the phone, I couldn't deal with it. I took it back to the guy at work who handles the mobile contracts and sweet talked him into giving me a different phone. Now I have a totally cool Sony slider phone that makes sense and doesn't seem like it could fall apart at any second. Of course, it has a million-zillion features that I have no idea how to use, but I like it. Oh. Wait. I guess I still am a fuddy-duddy.

At least I'm a fuddy-duddy who can work her TV and has a cool phone.

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  1. i need dvr. and I can't wait to see you again! and i need your new number. and.....that's all :)