Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Feel Old!

So. I'm trying to watch the Grammy Awards. Many of these people... I've never heard their music. And when I watch them perform, I feel so uncomfortable that they are up there with all those shiny costumes and synchronized dance moves... it makes me feel strange just watching them.

I like lots of different types of music, but my favorites are by people who perform in small theatres and venues, without shiny costumes. I either listen to CDs or NPR on my commute. Tonight was the first time I'd heard a Justin Bieber song.

I'm by no means a trendy person. I am usually aware of trends, but I only partake of the ones that I am confident will not make me look like an idiot.... for example, you may catch me in a Mad Men-esque dress at the office, but you will never catch me wearing skinny jeans and flats (I don't have the body for it). So, sure, I've heard of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga... but as for being well-versed in their song titles or trivia? Not so much.

I'm not that old. But, for some reason, seeing all these super-star music people who I know very little about makes me feel old. And the fact that I feel uncomfortable watching them with their shiny clothes and odd dance moves, makes me feel even older.

Bleh. I don't want to be old. But I also realized that I don't care about the Grammy Awards. Time to watch some Food Network and go to bed early. ;)

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