Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year, New Motto

"Every opportunity has an expiration date,
and the cost of missing out is greater than the cost of messing up."
— Pete Wilson

I am a hesitator. A what-if?-er. An over-analyzer. A second-guesser. I like to just say I'm "indecisive," but that's really being nice. I agonize over even the simplest decision, wondering if I'm making the right choice. It is annoying, frustrating, and tiring. And I want to stop.

So this is my new motto. I keep telling myself that the missing out on opportunities is so much worse than things not turning out exactly how I want. I have many good intentions, but when it comes down to it I freak myself out that things will go badly so I don't follow through. I'm not getting any younger. I don't want to look back at my life with regrets.

Maybe I will start blogging again, since I have sadly neglected my blog for quite some time now. Maybe I will keep track of some of the things I tackle without hesitating. Maybe. For now, I have some people to call and places to go.


  1. I am the same. Well, also trying to break out of it. To live and be free! Here's to the new year...:)

  2. being insane is not bad, at least not most of the times, and life is all about taking risks so why waste your time in thinking, just go ahead with it..anyways nice post and a wonderful blog you have...

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