Thursday, May 28, 2009

Because I Feel Like Sharing

It has been incredibly muggy lately, but we have not been using our air conditioner. The forecast has called for less-humid weather to move into the area, so we figured we would just use some fans and open windows for now and save the A/C for when oppressive summer air moves in. I love it. I love being able to come home from work and put on shorts and a tank-top and not be cold at all. Especially since half the time they have the A/C blasting at the office and I spend the day shivering at my desk, wearing an old cardigan and drinking hot tea like an old lady in attempt to stave off goose-bumps. It's absurd. One should not have to wear winter attire to work when it is 85 degrees outside.

The only thing I dislike about open windows is that what was, the evening before, a soothing lullaby of crickets and frogs singing in the night, becomes a deafening symphony of screeching birds the next morning. And it happens earlier and earlier every morning. Talk about a rude awakening. I've finally found a sound I hate even more than my alarm. This morning, the screaming woke me up a full twenty-five minutes prior to my alarm sounding. There is no going back to sleep after that. Great way to start the day.

After being frightened from sleep by the squawking, I got up and spent too much time checking my email and facebook. I also read a little too long while I was working out. So, even though I got up early, I was running behind in no time. I rushed around, showered, dressed, and spent too much time doing my hair because it was rainy and my hair was all frizzy. I finally decided it was a lost cause, grabbed some coffee, and rushed out the door.

Ryan has been working on projects in the garage so the car was parked outside and it was raining. I had to search around for an umbrella, which took up even more time. Now I was running terribly late (or on-time for my typical schedule, depending on how you look at it). And, since it was raining, no one could drive. People driving in the passing lane, but not passing anyone. People driving freaking fifty miles an hour in the exit only lane. People who had previously been not passing in the passing lane, now tailgating me like it was my fault no one seemed to remember where to find their accelerator. Hate.

When I finally arrived at work, it was still raining. I considered trying to run in without an umbrella, but then I remembered the extra time and product I'd wasted on my hair and reconsidered. I got out with my umbrella and coffee, walked around to the passenger side to get my laptop and purse, set the coffee on the roof of the car, and opened the door. At this point I realized I had forgotten to dig out my access badge so I bent down to look for it in my bag. The result was somewhat of a cascade of coffee and rainwater pouring off the car roof, over the door frame, into my purse, and all over my legs, as I hit the coffee mug with the edge of the umbrella. Perfect.

Since then, I have also spilled a packet of fruit nuggets on my desk (loud, clattery sound to annoy my co-workers), forgotten to put sugar in my breakfast tea but not had time to go back to the break room and had to drink it that way to stay warm (ick!), and realized that I forgot to switch purses so I'm carrying a black purse with my brown-and-cream dress and brown heels (humiliation!). Maybe staying in bed listening to the birds wouldn't have been so terrible after all.

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