Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Just Gonna Do it

I've really been slacking on my posts. Just about every day, I pull up my dashboard, check out any new posts on the blogs I follow, click 'new post', look at the empty text box for a while, and close the window. That, my friends, is good practice. I don't want to forget how to use my mouse!

So..... I'm going to do another post-every-day month in August. I know quantity certainly does not equal quality, but I need to make myself write or I get rusty and make excuses and I don't do it. Some of what I post in the coming thirty-one days will likely be total crap. There will probably be a lot of partial poems, scatter-brained ideas, and random ramblings. BUT, at least I will be writing and I will not be making excuses for my lack of inspiration.

As my four-year-old would say....

Here goes nothin'.

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