Thursday, July 16, 2009


I started playing keyboard in a skater band and got a Harley-Davidson half-sleeve tattoo. Then I was afraid I'd get kicked out of the band because skater chicks can't have Harley-Davidson tattoos. Our coffee table was covered in used, wadded-up Kleenex and supplies to make fake-IDs. But I didn't need a fake ID and neither did anyone else in the house so I don't know why I had that stuff or where it came from. I went to this beautiful hotel with a marble lobby and got shot by an old man using a gun that looked like a set of Lexus keys. I was there with my sister and trying to protect her from getting shot, but she wouldn't run away.

This is just a sample of the totally crazy dreams I've been having lately. I can kind of explain the Kleenex and fake ID one. The boys were sick last week and our table was covered in used Kleenex. I felt like I was constantly picking them up and putting them in the trash and reminding the boys to do the same. That same week I was carded at the supermarket for a bottle of wine, and the clerk looked at me and then my ID several times. I've actually had people tell me they thought it was a fake ID because it looks nothing like me (My hair is much longer now and it is just the most odd-looking picture). As far as the band and the Harley-Davidson tattoo and the key gun..... no idea.

There is no point to this post. Well... maybe a little. I was driving to work Tuesday and thinking about how I have terrible writer's block and that I have nothing to write about. And then I thought that I do have things to write about but a lot of them are kind of scary and that I get concerned about putting too much craziness out there for people to read because then they will see that I really am crazy and that it's not just something I say. I guess if I'm going to get over my writer's block, I'm going to have to stop self-censoring so much.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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  1. You can buy wine in a grocery store?! I'm moving to Ohio!