Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Sometimes you just really need a good laugh or good cry or a good scream or a good, stiff drink. Sometimes you know you need one of those things and you just have to wait for the right time. Sometimes you don't even realize how much you need one of those things until the moment hits. I found out tonight that I really needed a good laugh and the moment hit and it was delicious.

My sister and her husband came over for dinner tonight. After dinner and hanging out a while we turned on the TV. Despite that we have satellite television and more channels than anyone could possibly need, there was nothing on. Well, nothing except shows on Food Network. We started watching 'Dinner:Impossible' and the challenge was to create a meal for Mattel VIPs for Barbie's 50th birthday. All the food had to be super tiny -- Barbie size. It was quite amusing.

My brother-in-law has to get up early so they had to leave half-way through the show. My sister jokingly asked me to please let her know how it turned out. I'm not even sure how it started, but we started acting out how it would look if Barbie were trying to eat the food. She was a straight-arm Barbie and I was one with bent elbows. It was so silly and funny and stupid and we were laughing SO HARD! Our husbands were just looking at us like we were completely crazy (for the record, we are only mostly crazy). The thought crossed my mind, "It feels really good to laugh like this."

I love moments like that. Moments you aren't really expecting, but you just embrace them when they happen no matter how silly or crazy they may be. I'm so thankful for my sister and that we 'get' each other and can have those moments. I feel like I've been so stressed and deep in thought all the time lately, trying to figure out all the stuff I have going on in my head. A good laugh was exactly what I needed.

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