Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trying Something New

I received an email observing that my poems tend to be full of tension, but perspective-free. I think this was a good observation. I'm going to try to put a point of view or character in my poems for a while and see what happens. This is my first attempt. I think I partially failed, but that means I partially succeeded, so that's something. Maybe. Not sure.

Sitting in traffic.
Red light.
Windows half-down
but still running the
air conditioner
because there is no breeze.
Reaching to turn up the stereo,
but then distracted
by the girl on her cell phone
in the car next to me.
She is talking loud.
Too loud.
And maybe crying.
What happened to her today?
What happened too all these people today?
We're all trying to get
to the next place
but the stupid traffic lights
make us wait.
And listen.
And wonder.

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