Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Love Lisa Loeb

Note: I know I promised an explanation of my trust issues, but I'm still doing research and I'm still trying to find the time to write it all out in some kind of understandable something. I am working on it... I just don't want to post it prematurely.

SO, I'll finish and post something I started a while ago. It has been languishing sadly in my drafts for a couple months. Likely for good reason, but I have to post something. I did warn you there would be some crap posts, although I was hoping to wait until at least the end of the first week before I had to resort to this. I hope you'll forgive me.

I am a HUGE Lisa Loeb fan. She is sheer genius. Someone once told me that I look like Lisa Loeb when I wear my glasses. I didn't believe him for a second, but I still took it as a compliment. I love how quirky and cute she is and I love, love, love her lyrics. Here are a few of my favorites:

"When I'm left at home, I'm all alone. But I'd rather be alone with you. So what is this weather, and what is this darkness, and why do I feel so alone?"

"She can't tell me that all of the love songs have been written 'Cause she's never been in love with you before."

"I didn't come this far for you to make this hard for me. And now you want to ask me "how"? It's like - how does your heart beat, why do you breathe? How does your heart beat, and why do you breathe? Why did you come here? You weren't invited. You were on the outside - Stay on the outside. And now you want to ask me "why"? It's like - how does your heart beat, and how do you cry? How does your heart beat? "

"You kick my foot under the table, I kick you back, I can't say I'm able to stand for you or fall for you ever again."

"I kept talking to myself, I had to get the words out of my head (so I did)"

My favorite all-time Lisa Loeb song is 'Stay.' Arguably her most popular song and probably one of two Lisa Loeb songs that most people (who listen to the radio) would be able to name. It will always be one of 'my songs.' It was on the album 'Tails' which was released in 1995. I loved it the first time I heard it on the radio and it remained a song I listened to frequently through the rest of high school and college. I still turn up the stereo whenever it comes on. There is no point to this post. I guess it's more of an addition to my favorite things post.

"So I, I turned the radio on, I turned the radio up, and this woman was singin' my song..."

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