Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm already starting to doubt my 'post something every day' idea. Is it worth it to write every day if what I'm writing is mostly nonsense or not good? I'm really not sure. Part of me thinks it's good to continue because if I get in the habit of writing I will eventually feel less rusty and will finally be rid of whatever crap is taking up brain space in my head. At that point I might start producing something worthwhile. Then part of me feels that it's just a waste of time to write if I have no real inspiration. Will that make whatever I produce seem watered-down, bland, and unimaginative? Why do I constantly second-guess myself?


At this point I've resolved that I will press on until I have proof either way if I should continue. I think.....

Overwhelmed with possibilities
and probabilities.
Paralyzing hesitation
comes in wave upon wave.
Wavering on the edge of resolution.
Grasping for conviction.

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