Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Non-Ending Poem

I have issues. (This is obvious to most people who know me. Thankfully some of them still talk to me anyway.) I'm starting to think that I have some serious writer's block. Or maybe I'm not even supposed to try to write at all. Here is my latest unfinished work:

Pins and needles.
The unknown becoming
Truth thawing and
drip, drip, dripping
into my consciousness until
my old thoughts are gasping for air.

(Then I have some other crap I don't feel like sharing yet and then...)

Futile to attempt
to re-freeze this unwelcome thaw.
Alone, with new thoughts rising.

See what I mean? It's not TERRIBLE, but really not that good either. And I cannot seem to find what goes in the middle or determine if there should be something different or additional at the end. I think it kind of gets the idea across, but so would a well-written sentence or two in a blog or journal. I really want it to be something that someone else could relate to. Someone else who has experienced one of those moments where you realize something about yourself or about something important to you that makes you question just about everything that seemed clear previously. Not that you can dictate what another person gets from your work, but you can do your best to lead them in a certain direction. Maybe that's what I'm having trouble with. Maybe I can't even lead myself in a certain direction. Hmmmm.... maybe I should sleep on it.

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