Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Time

Ugh. I missed a day already. In my defense, yesterday was very hectic. I had a four-day weekend from work because Friday was Owen's birthday and Ryan was off work this weekend. We are trying to make sure we are both off work for the boys' birthdays so we can make a family day of it. We celebrated Owen's birthday, did some spring cleaning around the house (Ryan does windows!), ran errands, and Ryan worked outside/did outside stuff with the boys. Ryan also finished the boys' sandbox over the weekend and yesterday we got the sand to fill it. It is so cute how much they love it! The lumber wasn't exactly cheap, but the sand was only $13. Probably the best money we've ever spent on them.

So.... I'm out. This is all I have for today, but at least I posted. I have some stuff swirling around in my head, I just need to find the time (and figure out the right words) to get it from swirling to posting.

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