Friday, March 27, 2009


I know I already mentioned how much I love certain lyrics. Here's another Jack Johnson one for you: "I've been feelin' kind of seasick lately. See you reaching to me, gonna save me. You or me, I would much rather take the fall."

I was going to say I was jealous of people who write things that I love that much, but I'm not. I'm happy for them that they are so talented and have found a venue through which to share their talent. Really, I just get a little freaked out by how much I can identify with the words of a complete stranger. I was working on something about it. I'm still working it out. It's really rough, but here is part of it:

I hear someone else's voice
expressing the unformed thoughts
swirling in my head.
I'm haunted by my heart
in someone else's throat.

I am really starting to hate that I have so much incomplete work. I guess that's part of the process, but I find it annoying. I mean, for most of it I've written more, but just think the quality, the phrasing, the ideas are so poor that I usually discard it. Then I'm left with a partial poem. Maybe I can publish a book of partial poems.... "Complete Your Own Poems" like the 'Choose your own adventure' books that were popular for about 5 seconds when I was little. Or maybe I can just put all the partials together and pretend it's a really brilliant poem and it's just above people who don't get it.

Ok, I completely digress so I think that means it's time for this rambling to end. At least I didn't miss posting today....


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  1. I kinda like the idea of having a book of non-finished poems. :)