Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quotes and Lyrics

I'm such a quote person. I've kept a book of quotes for years. There is just something about reading a morsel of what another person said/wrote and identifying with it so completely that you wish you had thought of it first. Here is my very favorite quote:

"Love is not blind - it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less."
- Rabbi Julins Gordon

I love the profound truth of this. This is part of what real love is, isn't it? Seeing the other person in their entirety. Their short-comings, their rough edges, and choosing to look past that to the real inner person. Loving the real person, relaxing your expectations. I'm not talking about accepting behavior that is wrong, I'm talking about in a relationship where you both love each other and have the other person's best interests at heart. Looking past that they didn't say the exact words you wanted to hear, to the fact that they said the words they really meant and thought would help. It seems so many people keep a mental list of all the things the other person messed up or where the other person didn't meet expectations and they end up sucking the life right out of each other and right out of the relationship. Anyway, I just love this expression of the thought of seeing so much more of the real person in your loved one that you really do see less of the flaws.

I also consider song lyrics to be in the same category as quotes. I love when I'm listening to a song and a line just stands out. It's as though the song would mean nothing to me if it were missing that line. I have songs I will listen to from time to time just to hear one or two lines. Sometimes I even scan back a few times just to hear the lines I like.
Right now I'm listening to Jack Johnson almost obsessively because I love his lyrics AND we are right on the verge of spring here in Southern Ohio. We've had a few teaser days where the temperature was above 70.... makes me long for summer. And dresses. And flip-flops. And driving with the windows down without being cold. And Jack Johnson goes perfectly with all those things. Here is a sample favorite line right now:
"Don't be afraid, 'cause no one ever sings alone. Your weight will never be too much for me. Your ideas have always been your own."


Now.... if I can just come up with some of my own lines then maybe I can write some stuff worth sharing.

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