Saturday, January 30, 2010


I had this whole idea for writing about hands, but it's not really coming together. I guess I'll just ramble a while since I really have to post SOMETHING in order to put me one post closer to fulfilling my goal. This whole topic came to mind when I was driving home from work yesterday and thinking of driving and noticing my hands on the steering wheel. Then I was thinking about all the things written or said about hands. Then I was thinking about my hands.

I am completely brutal to my hands. They are tiny and useful so one would think that I would try to take care of them, but it seems impossible. I have slammed them in car doors, cut them on packaging, shut them in the door of the dryer, burned them on molten glass, and just tonight I smashed my knuckles into the bed frame looking for something Owen lost in the guest room. I'm surprised my hands even function at all.

Despite how unkind I am to my hands, I really like them. I'm glad for all the things I am able to do throughout the day because of my hands. Let me just say right now that I'm sorry for all the terrible things I've done to them over the years. Oh, and I'm also sorry for how weird and crazy this post is, but I've obviously gone completely insane and now I'm just using my hands to type my craziness out onto the interwebs.


  1. you're not insane....or maybe I say that because I am too. I don't know. I know that I am super delighted to have hands, but hate how mine look....they aren't the nicest, especially in winter :(

  2. Wow! that is actually quite profound! I remember looking at my hands as a child and seeing the long straight perfect fingers and being grateful to Heavenly Father for my hands. Probably because I had a cousin born with Thalidamide and his hands were deformed. And yes I too punished my hands by making them do the same thing 8hrs a day for 18yrs at a factory because the faster my hands worked the more money I made and I made a lot of money!!