Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yes, Another Tattoo Post

I can't believe I never even posted an update on what I did for my last tattoo, and here I am obsessing about wanting another one. This is the update to what I had before. I love, love, love it.

I love it so much, in fact, that I really am very seriously considering the tattoo on my arm thing. I have something for Ryan and the boys and something for my mom, but I don't have anything for my dad. There is a cuckoo clock my dad's parents always had on their wall and I am thinking that would look great on my upper arm with some ivy around it. The time would be 11:27 for his birthday.

I am still a little nervous about getting something in a way more obvious and less-easily-concealed place. Yet, when I think about my other tattoos, I think of how much a part of me they are now and how it seems that they really were always supposed to be there. For instance, when I look at my wedding photos and see myself there in my strapless wedding dress, it seems like something is missing. Oh, it is. My flowers and ivy.

So, even though there is that tiny part of me that wonders if when I'm 75 if I will regret having an almost half-sleeve, I'm pretty sure that after a while it will seem like it like I was always supposed to have it.


  1. again i say, you make me want another tattoo =)

  2. I am SO obsessed with tattoos!!! Can't wait to get my first (super large) one in two weeks!!

    Love yours!!! more pictures!!!