Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is January Over Yet?

Surprisingly, tonight I am not wishing January away due to the weather. Tonight I am wishing it away because I'm not sure I'm going to make it all the way to the end of the month with a post for every day. I am really running out of ideas here. At the very least, I've hit a mid-month dry spell. So I am totally going to cheat and just post something about my kids. Here is a picture of one of the things I love about my boys. They are so creative in finding ways to entertain themselves. I really don't even know why we bother to buy them toys.

One very boring day, they were playing store with a few cans from our pantry. We often get comments on our pantry being well-stocked, but we don't live 2 seconds from a supermarket and I shop sales. If some canned good we use frequently is on sale, I stock-the-heck up. It won't go to waste and saves money. Why else would you even have a pantry if you didn't want a place to store food?

Anyway, one of the boys started lining up a few cans on the counter so I could 'buy' them and suddenly that turned into trying to line the entire island with cans. They did this entirely by themselves. Oh, to be so easily entertained and then so proud of yourself for accomplishing.... nothing!

So that is my cheat for the week. I will try to be back tomorrow with something that resembles an actual post.

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