Monday, April 27, 2009

Cheat Post

This is a total cheat post, but I couldn't stand the thought of missing two of the last three days. Especially when I'm so close to the end of April.

The past four days have been my ideal weather... sunny, 80s, and breezy. I'm pretending bad weather doesn't exist in Ohio, even though the next week is supposed to be cool and rainy. Stupid Ohio weather. Anyway, I wrote this poem earlier last month from a couple ideas I wrote down in the dead of winter. I actually hate winter, except when it makes me feel poetic.

Like snow falling through a gray dusk
on the verge of indistinguishable.
My mind weighed down with layer after layer.
Try to shake it off before it buries Reason in the drifts.
Corners previously clear
mounding over as more time passes.
Now everything looks the same.

I'll try to come up with something better tomorrow.


  1. Did you know that it rains everytime we go to Middletown?

  2. Something Better tomorrow?!? This one is great!