Monday, April 20, 2009

To Blog or To Not Blog....

Most of the blogs I've stumbled upon (that I actually care to continue reading) in my very short time in the blogosphere are well established with a very long history of posts. A few are new bloggers or new blogs to well-established bloggers, but most have at least several months worth of history. Many of the more established bloggers have fine-tuned their posting... to only posting when they have something especially interesting or witty or provocative to write about. Some people mostly post photos on their blogs so they don't really post until they have some particularly great photos to share. It makes me wonder about posting every day, because I am typically a 'quality trumps quantity' person. I'm going to try to keep posting every day through the end of April and then see how that goes, but I am afraid of getting out of the habit and slipping back in to never writing (which I guess one could argue wouldn't be so bad if I have nothing quality to write about).

Another thing I've noticed is that while some people have quite a few followers, they have very few comments on their posts. When I check someone's new post, I always feel like I should comment as a kind of "I read your post and here is how it contributed to my day" even if it was just that I got a chuckle out of it or enjoyed a nice picture. But then I wonder what people think when they read it. Do they think it's nice someone 'out there' took the time to read it and leave a comment? Or do they think it's weird that someone they don't know is reading their work and felt it necessary to say something about it? I would think that if people don't want strangers reading their blogs, they would make them private.... But I guess that could be a pain having to maintain a list of people who can read it. Obviously each person might think something different about getting comments from strangers. I don't know. It was just something I was thinking about. I actually like getting comments on my blog. Maybe that also contributes to why I leave comments?

Anyway, I was walking in to the office today and thought of a few new lines for.... something. It's cold and rainy here. Again.

Cloudy skies in mirror puddles on blacktop.
Inescapable dreariness.
On the cusp of Spring,
but trapped in winter's purgatory.


  1. I like that. Really sums up how the weather has been lately.

  2. I think it's a good idea to meet your goal once you've set it. You probably won't be able to maintain it all the time, but it's a fun thing to do for a month.

    I, for one, like getting blog comments. I know how many people read my blog because I belong to Stat Counter, but it can be depressing when no one responds to my posts for months on end. When someone I don't know reads my blog and comments, it's even more rewarding for me than when someone I know does.

    And some people - especially new bloggers - don't know about Google Analytics or Stat Counter, so they have no idea that anyone is reading their blog unless they get a comment. If they don't want comments, they can always turn their comments off.


  3. Thanks Sara. At least we have a nice weekend coming up!

    K - Thanks for the tips. I didn't know about any of those things, but I'll try to figure one of them out.