Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unfinished Business

So.... I have five draft posts lurking in my post list. All of them are unfinished and I'm not sure if I will ever finish them and post them. In some ways I think I seem like a pretty open person. That I am ok with sharing my thoughts with other people -- not just in a blog but in person as well. Not that I'm an over-sharer (I don't think), but I don't really see the point of not telling someone my thoughts on something if they ask.

But I am also a pretty private person. I have no desire to ever be famous. I like anonymity. I like having my own little world in my head that I don't have to share with anyone. (I know that makes me sound crazy. Which I am, but not in a 'wow, she needs meds' way. More of a 'she's quirky and a little off' way. I don't hear voices or anything.) The world in my head is just where I am always writing. I tend to go over things that happen throughout the day and think of how it would come across if I were writing it down..... Okay, maybe I do need meds.

But some things, when I 'write' them, are too much to share. I don't want people knowing what I thought about a situation. I don't want people knowing what I really wanted to say. I'm glad people can't read my thoughts because then they would know what I really think. And sometimes I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with what I really think.

I guess it kind of goes the other way too. How many of us really want to know what other people are thinking? Some situations are uncomfortable enough and they are only made worse if you venture a guess at what the other person/persons thought. Sadly I usually cannot stop myself from guessing.
I'm thinking it's not so crazy for everyone to have their own world in their head. It's kind of ideal.

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