Monday, April 6, 2009


Ohio is such a fun place to live. Yesterday it was sunny and 70 and today it is cold and rainy and they are calling for snow later. We had really bad storms last night and our power went out, which is why I didn't post yesterday. I must say I could tolerate being without a lot of things, but electricity (and running water).... not so much. Being without electricity even for a few hours is such a terrible experience and it doesn't help that it usually seems to happen in the middle of the night when Ryan is at work. I barely slept at all last night. Luke has gotten used to sleeping with a fan in his room and a nightlight so when the power goes off he wakes up screaming. He ended up in bed with me. Then Ryan woke me up three times after he got home at 4AM. I feel like I only slept in 15 minute spurts, and not nearly enough of them. I'm so tired that my face feels funny and I feel like if I blink for too long I might fall asleep. I'm not wanting anyone to feel sorry for me. I know there are lots of worse things. Just sharing my current state of existence.

In honor of the rain, I'm going to post a reworked version of an old rain poem. An old poem about rain. An old poem that mentions rain. There we go.

Solitary in a crowd.
Rain thundering on the roof,
but not loud enough to drowned them out.
The deluge attacking windows
blurring everything outside.
Emotions inaccessible.
Those near me don't sense my isolation.
I laugh with them.
And smile.
And the rain still melts my view.

The last four lines are old, but the rest is new. Not sure that I'm completely happy with it, but I wouldn't call it partial or unfinished, so that's something.


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