Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

I've listed some of my favorite things. Now I am going to reveal a few guilty pleasures. I think. We'll see when I finish writing if I actually have the guts to click 'publish post.' I think it's much easier to share my favorite things, because I don't really fear what they might tell someone about me. Sure, other people may not have any level of fondness for the things I like, but they can probably see how I could like them. The things I already shared in my favorite things list are mostly sane and reasonable. Guilty pleasures are not. Guilty pleasures are those thing where you know when someone reads them/hears about them they may question if they even want to be associated with you. Like your weirdness may somehow taint them just by their now being aware that you give value to these things. Don't worry. If you're reading this there isn't a way for you to somehow be sucked in to liking these things too. At least I don't think so....

GP1. Lucky Charms Cereal -- so what if I gained 5 lbs in college on a diet of Lucky Charms and croissants from the deli in the common area. It was worth it. I think the little marshmallows might be made of crack. I don't care about that either. They are SO good.

GP2. Taylor Swift -- I don't really like Country music (in general) and I don't really consider myself a romantic person. I don't believe in love at first sight (except with your kids). I don't expect 'romantic' gifts on Hallmark holidays. I don't believe in 'the One.' I'm thinking Taylor Swift believes in all these things if her songs are any reflection of her thoughts on these matters. But I love her. I think her songs are cute and catchy and that she is a very talented songwriter.

GP3. Driving in the car by myself -- I know this doesn't sound like a guilty pleasure, but it is for me. I have a husband and two kids so often when I'm in a vehicle I have someone else with me. However, I have a 50 min (round trip) commute, four days a week. I love it. I can have the windows down (if it's warm, of course). I can listen to whatever music I want (or NPR), as loud as I want. I can yell at idiot drivers. I can get completely lost in my thoughts and there is no one to interrupt. Even if I had the option to work from home every day, I don't think I would because it would mean giving up those fabulous 200 minutes every week of driving in the car by myself.

GP4. Taco Bell -- Yes, I know it's likely what they call 'meat' in their food might not actually come from an animal I would want to admit to eating and yes, I know this is some of the worst food for you anyone can imagine. But it tastes good. And sometimes that is all that matters.

GP5. Bananas and American Cheese -- It sounds gross, I'll give you that. And American cheese seems more like cheese product than real cheese, but I've eaten this since I was little and I still like it.

GP6. The movie 'Save the Last Dance' (the original one, not the stupid sequel with other actors) -- I realize I really am too old to like this movie and it's kind of cheesy, but I still have to watch this if I see it showing on cable. And I have the DVD.

Okay. That's enough for now. I'm know there are more, but some I just can't bring myself to share, and some I just can't (or don't want to) remember right now.


  1. Taco Bell and Lucky Charms are also pleasures of mine. I'd also toss in Cap'n Crunch Berries, but they ruined it when they added different colors. The berries should be one color: pink. I used to eat around the berries until I'd have a bowl of nothing but soggy berries and pink milk. Now that there are other colors, the milk turns gray and is undrinkable.

    I used to love driving around by myself too, but I don't enjoy it as much now that it involves being stuck in traffic.

  2. Why do manufacturers feel it necessary to change products that are perfectly fine the way they are?